Bucca Crossing at 9.50am
Bucca Crossing at 9.50am Jay Godfrey

Sunken car mystery muddies waters

TALK is getting louder in the Bucca community - with water now over the crossing, residents are asking about the car in the river.

On February 18, a car plunged into the water at the popular swimming spot and has disappeared from sight since the rain set in.

Long-time Bucca resident Jay Godfrey said he doesn't believe the car has been removed.

"Last time I seen it would have been on Monday,” he said.

"We've taken photos and had a look around but the water is too murky to see where the car is.”

Car into river at Bucca Crossing.
Car into river at Bucca Crossing. MIKAYLA HAUPT

Mr Godfrey said there hasn't been any sign of fuel or oil in the river and the incident hasn't stopped people going for a dip.

He said the crossing had been blocked by rising water since Wednesday.

From 9am on Monday to 9am yesterday, Gin Gin had 44mm, Splitters Creek recorded 21mm, Bucca Weir received 5mm, Moore Park Beach recorded 34mm, Bargara recorded 6mm and Bundaberg recorded 31mm.

"We've had a hell of a lot of water, between 200-250mm in the last week,” Mr Godfrey said.

"But we aren't stranded, we can go through the rowing course to get to Bundaberg and if we need to go north we can use Smiths Crossing Rd.”

A South Kolan police officer said he went to the crossing on Monday but the flood waters were too high to see the car.

"I spoke to the owner, who said he hasn't organised anything yet,” he said.

Whether the car has moved or is in the same spot is not known.

Mr Godfrey said at 3pm the water was receding.

The Bureau of Meteorology issued an initial minor flood warning for the Burnett River after rainfall totals of 20-50mm were recorded across the catchment. The bureau said minor flooding may occur along the Burnett River downstream of Mundubbera to Paradise Dam.

The warning was released after noon yesterday, stating that river level rises to the minor flood level were likely on the Burnett River at Mundubbera overnight Tuesday into Wednesday and may extend to Gayndah Wednesday morning.

Mundubbera's rainfall lead to several road closures - at 1pm yesterday, the following roads were closed:

Hawkwood Rd closed at both Auburn River crossings and Derra Creek

Jaru Rd at Auburn River

Dykehead Rd at Auburn River

Back Derra Rd at Derra Creek crossing

Derra Rd at Derra Creek crossing

Bradleys Rd at Boyne River crossing

Reinkes Rd at Boyne River crossing

Pearlinga Rd at St Johns Creek

Mundubbera-Durong Rd Boyne River bridge closed.