WET WEATHER: Umbrellas out in Bundaberg.
WET WEATHER: Umbrellas out in Bundaberg. Mike Knott BUN041217WET3

Sunday tipped for 80-200mm in Bundaberg region

SUNDAY is forecast to be the main day for rain in Bundaberg.

The Bundaberg region could see rain and lots of it this weekend as result of two troughs in the west.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Nicholas Shera said the weather was expected to increase from tomorrow with a surface trough and upper trough from the west, which could bring about heavy falls and some sever thunderstorms tomorrow.

Mr Shera said Saturday could see some showers but Sunday would see more "severe weather” such as showers and some severe thunderstorms with potentially damaging winds.

"Sunday could (see) 100-200mm,” he said.

He said the upper trough set to impact the area was "quite significant”.

While the most of the expected rain is tipped to fall on Sunday, Mr Shera said on Monday Bundaberg "could potentially see some good falls”.

BoM's the current forecast for Bundaberg's possible rainfall was 20-40mm on Friday, 20-45mm on Saturday and 80-200mm on Sunday.

Temperatures throughout the next three days aren't expected to exceed 27 degrees.

Mr Shera said Tropical Cyclone Owen isn't the cause behind the region's wet weather prediction, he said the system would be a low before it could reach Bundy on Monday if at all.

According to the bureau's records, the average rainfall for the Bundaberg region in December is 127.6mm, the highest daily total was recorded on December 31, 1962 with 204.5mm falling.