NOTHING can make our lives, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness, said Tolstoy.

Those words rang true throughout October when students from schools around the region took part in Random Acts of Kindness month.

Scripture Union Queensland district co-ordinator Lisa Hardie said a morning tea on Monday would recognise the efforts of students and schools.

"As school chaplains we hope that through this annual event we are able to encourage students that no matter what their personal circumstances in life may be, there is always something they can do to brighten the world for someone else," Ms Hardie said

She said the RAOK concept was simple and flexible to suit the needs of each school and student.

"At the beginning of term four each year students are given a 'kindness pass it on' card and are challenged to do something kind for someone else in their community," she said.

"They then pass the card on to the recipient of the kind act who are challenged to do the same thus creating a ripple effect of kindness."

"Students are also encouraged to make a kindness chain for their school with each link representing each kind act.

"Each link is hand-written by the students detailing their kind acts, which for many is inspiring to read."

Ms Hardie said the chain reminded students to help encourage caring.