NO WORRIES: Thanh Dang from SSS Strawberries says the incidents were 'isolated'.
NO WORRIES: Thanh Dang from SSS Strawberries says the incidents were 'isolated'. Mike Knott BUN130918DANG1

Strawberry growers call on locals after needles incident

IT'S business as usual for Bundy's strawberry growers, who are calling on locals to keep buying the region's strawberries.

The call out follows the shocking revelation that sewing needles had been found inside strawberries from Berry Licious and Berry Obsession brand berries across Queensland and Victoria.

The needles are thought to have been planted by a disgruntled ex-employee.

Thanh Dang from SSS Strawberries said locals shouldn't be worried about buying other brands of strawberries.

"I don't think people should have a great concern,” Mr Dang said.

"The word was for people to steer away from two brands, and they also mentioned after this week, everything will be fine.

"I feel devastated for the farmer.”

Tinaberries took to social media to express their support for growers.

"Continue to support your local farms and growers, knowing you are getting quality product fresh from our farms.”

Mr Dang said he did not think the isolated incident would affect the strawberry industry.

"An act like this is something that wouldn't happen here, it was a real isolated incident and I don't think the public here needs to be concerned,” he said.

The Gladstone Observer yesterday reported a mother found two sewing needles in a punnet of strawberries, which she gave to her children - however nobody was hurt.