Margaret Riggs lines up her shot.
Margaret Riggs lines up her shot. Brendan Bowers

Straight-shooting archers target national indoor titles

ARCHERY: The Wide Bay Archery Club played host to the National Indoor Archery Championships on Saturday.

As one of eight venues Australia-wide, the club hosted 21 archers from throughout the Wide Bay as they competed for national honours.

Simultaneous events held around Australia were under way, with scores entered and winners declared.

A series of two rounds of 60 shots made for a marathon shoot for competitors.

Wide Bay Archery Club president Randall Wellings said competition usually involved shooting only 60 arrows in total.

Wellings was pleased with the turn-out.

He said some archers had solid chances or recording strong results.

"We have some high quality archers here, it just depends on the other locations,” Wellings said

The Wide Bay club is making a resurgence, with 115 current members.

Wellings said once people tried archery they were hooked.

"It is an amazing sport, it is just you and the target,” he said.

If you have an interest in archery or want to try the sport, the club holds regular come-and-try days.

For details, go to the club's website at