Chelsea Ann Wilkinson leaves the Brisbane watchhouse today. Picture: Sarah Marshall/AAP
Chelsea Ann Wilkinson leaves the Brisbane watchhouse today. Picture: Sarah Marshall/AAP

‘Quit sniffing’: Magistrate takes down knife teen

A TOUGH-love magistrate has scolded a teenage mother accused of stabbing her partner in the chest with a knife, for "sniffling" tears during her bail bid in court today.

In Brisbane Magistrates Court prosecutors alleged Chelsea Ann Wilkinson, 18, an unemployed mother of one from Deception Bay north of Brisbane, was "volatile and aggressive" when she "lost it" during a fight over cigarettes.

She denies the claims, and blames an intruder, or says her partner's wounds were self-inflicted.

Prosecutors alleged that while her partner was in hospital receiving treatment for the knife wound, he told police Wilkinson had stabbed him.

He also told police he didn't want to make a formal complaint, the court heard.

Prosecutors alleged that Wilkinson denied stabbing him and claimed that someone else had come into the house, or that he may have stabbed himself, as Wilkinson was asleep upstairs.

She has been charged with wounding.

Prosecutors said Wilkinson's sheer violence was a concern, because she wasn't high on drugs or drunk when she stabbed her partner.

Magistrate Zac Sarra said that Wilkinson's claim did not ring true, and he later queried whether she "could kill the guy... the next time" if she were released on bail to return home .

"If she had picked up a sharp knife, if the police version is correct, it would have gone through the chest cavity, and it would have been a fatal stabbing," Mr Sarra said.

"The last thing you want is this person to be released on bail and next week we have her back here with her bloke lying in the morgue somewhere."


Zac Sarra has made a name as a tough-talking magistrate.
Zac Sarra has made a name as a tough-talking magistrate.


The alleged stabbing came only four months after she allegedly punched him in the head, threatened to kill him, and clawed his face, leaving "a raised red lump" on his left cheek, the court heard.

She was not charged over those alleged assaults, the court heard.

"It sounds like a toxic arrangement," Mr Sarra said of the relationship.

Wilkinson cried throughout the hearing, and after 30 minutes Mr Sarra said: "Will you stop your sniffling, its upsetting me, its distracting me."

"I'm sorry, I'm just nervous," Wilkinson replied.

Mr Sarra said both alleged violent outbursts showed Wilkinson seemed to have "lost it" and showed a general lack of control, making her a risk to the safety of the community.

She would need to rein in her temper, and be more respectful and responsible while on bail, he said.

Wilkinson will live with her mother at Lawnton north of Brisbane, to report daily to police in Petrie, and is banned from contacting or seeing her de facto partner.

"This bloke, if he is sniffing around, and they have contact, she is the one who is going to go to jail and not him," Mr Sarra said.

"You are not to go anywhere near this bloke."

"Yes sir," she replied.

"Your mother is here, sit down and talk to your mother about how you have got yourself into this predicament," Mr Sarra said.