A man has been jailed for stomping on his girlfriend's head while she lay on the ground.
A man has been jailed for stomping on his girlfriend's head while she lay on the ground. Supplied

Stomped on the head while trying to flee

A MAN who kicked and stomped his girlfriend's head during a drunken argument while she lay vulnerable on the ground has a history of domestic violence, a court has heard.

Bundaberg magistrate Belinda Merrin was told the man had been convicted and jailed for domestic violence offences against at least four other women.

The 33-year old appeared in custody and pleaded guilty to contravening a domestic violence order on March 28.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Andrew Blunt said police had been called to a Bundaberg house at 11.30pm after reports of a man bashing a woman.

A woman who ran from the house was found by police sitting on a gutter around the corner.

"She says there was an argument and she tried to leave and he stomped her face with his feet,” Snr Cnst Blunt said.

"She had tripped over steps and fallen (while fleeing).

"He walked up, kicked her head and stomped her face while she was on the ground.”

The woman suffered a swollen face and split lips.

She told officers both had been drinking when there was an argument over his ex-partner.

However, the man, who was highly intoxicated, at first claimed she fell over a couple times and he didn't do anything to her.

Snr Cnst Blunt outlined previous domestic violence offences and jail terms the man received - either done against the same woman or committed against other women he was seeing between 2010 and 2017.

Lawyer Gavin James said after being treated by paramedics at the scene, the woman refused to be taken to Bundaberg Hospital for further treatment to her injuries.

"On that day they had been drinking quite heavily,” he said.

"It was an argument over his ex and their children. Cyclone Debbie had cut off the roads north and he was trying to get up to visit his children.

"It escalated and she tried to leave the house and he remembers her falling over. Then he has limited recollection as he was highly intoxicated.”

Mr James said the man had a background of alcohol and marijuana misuse but alcohol was the trigger in this case and he overreacted.

He said her injuries were at the lower end of the scale and (would be worse) if she had been been "kicked with steel cap boots and her eye popped out”.

However, Ms Merrin said he kicked her in the head and stomped her, and it did not assist by trying to grade the level of injury.

With over 100 days spent in pre-sentence custody, Mr James sought his client's immediate release.

Ms Merrin said the offence was aggravated because of his "appalling criminal history” for domestic violence and the man faced a maximum five-year penalty.

"Every year since 2010 you have done these offences and been jailed and it hasn't deterred you,” she said.

She said people do drink and become intoxicated yet don't physically abuse women like he did.

Ms Merrin said the offence warranted an 18-month jail term. And with 107 days already spent in custody she set his parole release date as September 28.