A ghost tour could be coming to Toowoomba.
A ghost tour could be coming to Toowoomba.

SPOOKY RIDE: Toowoomba set to get city ghost tour

BE VERY afraid Toowoomba - you could be getting your own ghost tour.

The owner of the city's most popular ghost hunting Facebook page has considered turning the numerous sightings and hauntings into a fully-fledged bus ride.

Kylie Samuels runs Toowoomba Ghost Chasers, which has amassed more than 36,000 followers since it started seven years ago.

The avid supporter of the paranormal first asked her followers whether they'd be interested in a tour, and has since made plans to make it a reality.

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"I'd been watching an old post on the page and thought instead of people going by themselves, why not organise to get together and do a tour?" she said.

"I know a few years ago there was a convoy of people who got together and met in the same places, but nothing like a proper tour.

"I think we've had so much interest in the last few years with the different pictures and videos that we get sent, so it makes sense.

"I've had an offer of someone to drive the bus, so I need to see where I could hire the bus out.

"Because I've had so much interest on the page, I think it could be a big thing."

Toowoomba is infamous for its ghost sightings and has been declared one of Australia's most haunted towns by several media outlets.

Ms Samuels said the city's commitment to holding onto its heritage and architecture had contributed to the ghostly reputation.

"It's definitely the history, and the fact that we kept all our heritage homes - people just love being scared," she said.

The Toowoomba-raised woman first fell in love with the paranormal when she had her first encounter with a ghost.

"I went to the cemetary many years ago, and when I was looking back at the pictures, I saw a figure where there shouldn't have been one, so I posted it on Facebook," she said.

"When I noticed there weren't many pages about it, I decided to set it up."

To register your interest in the tour, head to the group's Facebook page.