SPONSOR ME: Laurie Houston is walking 55km for leukaemia.
SPONSOR ME: Laurie Houston is walking 55km for leukaemia. Mike Knott BUN030818LEUKAEMIA2

Sponsor Laurie: Dad's heartfelt walk for cancer hits home

ALMOST six years ago, Laurie Houston had to watch as his child died a slow and painful death.

But as the walls crashed down around him and the decision to end his daughter's life support was made, Laurie refused to crumble.

Now, the Bundaberg man is raising money for his fifth walk for leukemia.

This weekend, Laurie will walk 55km in the hopes of raising at least $550 for the Leukaemia Foundation.

"Usually about 30 people participate and then some people's families come on the Sunday," Laurie told the NewsMail.

"It's at the Great Walk in Mapleton. There's some pretty steep hills, as you can imagine."

Participants will walk 35km on the Saturday and stay in town overnight before covering the final 20km.

Laurie's daughter, Kirsty, died when she was just 32 years old from acute myeloid leukemia - a type of cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow.

"She had to undergo treatment for six months, but it only works for 30 per cent of people," Laurie said.

"It didn't work for her ... her kidneys failed, her heart was going and she had no circulation in her limbs.

"It just took her."

On December 13, 2012, Kirsty died.

"I declared that if I could do something, then I didn't want to have anyone else watch something like that happen," Laurie said.

So far he has raised $110 for the Leukaemia Foundation - $440 shy of his goal.

He said if people wanted to donate, he could give them a receipt for their tax return.

To donate before September 30), go to https://goo.gl/rfnJye and click Search and if you see 'Laurie Houston', select that. If not, enter it in the search field.