David Pirie (left) and Lachlan Pirie are accused of attacking neighbour Jennifer Toohey in February 2017. Picture: Dan Peled/AAP
David Pirie (left) and Lachlan Pirie are accused of attacking neighbour Jennifer Toohey in February 2017. Picture: Dan Peled/AAP

Magistrate’s son: Neighbours were ‘feral family’

A GOLD Coast Magistrate's son, who is accused of assaulting a female neighbour, says she called out "pervert" and "paedophile" and threatened to bash his father.

"Jennifer Toohey shouted 'I heard your wife's a magistrate. She must be a real bitch'," Lachlan Pirie, who is co-charged with his lawyer father, David Pirie, told a court.

He described his Tallai neighbours, the Tooheys, as "a feral family" and told Brisbane District Court he was highly offended by the comment about his mother.

The husband and son of Magistrate Catherine Pirie are on trial for the assault occasioning bodily harm of Jennifer Toohey, while armed and in company.

Lachlan Pirie, then 18, is also charged with common assault, for allegedly throwing rocks at his Tallai neighbour, with at least one rock hitting Mrs Toohey in the head.

Mrs Toohey told the court David Pirie struck her twice in the stomach with a shovel handle, put her in a headlock and punched her several times in the head.

The court was told David Pirie, then 56, admits he hit Mrs Toohey with a "snake stick" once and struck her once, on February 14, last year, but said it was in self defence.

Lachlan Toohey told the court Jennifer Toohey would often turn up her car music loudly as she drove, " to piss off our family", and did so that day.

"Jennifer Toohey and a very large man continued to shout 'You f---ing pervert', which astonished me," he said.

Pirie said later he heard a large group of people at the Toohey property shouting 'You f---ing paedophile' and claimed it would have been said close to 100 times.

He said he saw Jennifer Toohey "most aggressively" holding her fists up at his father,

saying: "You f---ing paedophile, I'm going to f---ing bash you".

Lachlan Pirie said he heard his father call out "welfare cheats, you're a dole bludger and you're a fat aggressive bitch" and "Drumstick number one and Drumstick number two".

"I called them dole bludgers, I called them welfare cheats, that they were criminals," Pirie said.

He said after he told Mrs Toohey: "You really think you're tough, don't you", some "highly aggressive men" at the Toohey house said they were going to bash him.

He said Mrs Toohey repeated that threat and ran out of her driveway "like she was on a mission" to get to their property.

He said he picked up three egg-sized stones, and threw them towards the "very heated men", as a warning and later heard Mrs Toohey call "Tony, Tony, help".

When asked what his father told him about hitting a five foot woman with a stick, Lachlan said his father was very emotional, peeved, shocked and upset by what had happened.

The trial continues.