SHIP AHOY: Lady Musgrave Experience's  Brett Lakey.
SHIP AHOY: Lady Musgrave Experience's Brett Lakey. Max Fleet BUN210715LME15

CHECK IT OUT: How to watch the Tobruk sink to ocean floor

JUNE 19 is when ex-HMAS Tobruk will reach its final resting place.

The sinking will take place earlier than expected - the original plan was to have it sitting on the ocean floor in August.

When the sinking starts there will be a 500m exclusion zone surrounding the ship for all unauthorised vessels.

Lady Musgrave Tour operator Brett Lakey has secured the only official place for his boat to cross the exclusion line and the community is able to go along too.

Mr Lakey said there was room for 150 people including Queensland Government officials on the tour out to see it go down.

"We will travel to the inclusion zone and see where she will be sunk," he said.

"The trip will be about four-and-a-half hours.

"The only thing that will throw it off course now would be the weather."

After Tobruk settles on the floor of the ocean, it will become a divers' paradise.

Lady Musgrave is one of the dive operators granted a licence to take recreational divers to see the vessel once sunk.

"We should be diving down once the moorings are in place, I would say diving will take place by September or sooner," Mr Lakey said.

Tickets are now on sale - register your interest by emailing bookings@ladymusgrave to see the sinking.