Locals are using social media to level sick threats at local police.
Locals are using social media to level sick threats at local police.

Social media used to level threats at Bundaberg officer

LOCALS are using social media to level disturbing threats at a Bundaberg police officer.

A Facebook group, which the NewsMail has chosen not to identify in order to prevent further publicity, includes several disturbing comments levelled at a local officer.

Members of the group have used it to discuss their dislike of police, with sickening comments such as “run the f------- over”.

“(Next) minute a mysterious car loses control and accidentally on purpose runs over a cop. Whoops.

“Someone just lose control of their car into the turkey, then reverse back over the f-------.”

Members of the group can also be seen daring each other to harm the officer.

“I’m surprised that c--- hasn’t been run down yet,” writes another, while another user calls the officer a “sneaky f----- dog”.

Another member of the group referred to an incident with a near-miss and said the officer should have been “hit dead centre”.

“It’s a wonder that f----- is still breathing, absolute... mutt,” says another user.

Yet another says the officer should be “put down” while one user says “I need a bull bar for a 2000 Camry, that’ll fix the w-----”.

Other comments make various sick claims about the officer.

The Queensland Police Service has refrained from comment.

Defaming and threatening comments can land users in court.

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