A SUNSHINE Coast snake catcher has declared a start to the snake season, with the reptiles on the move almost a month early during an unseasonably warm winter.

The Snake Catchers 24/7 owner Stuart McKenzie was called to a work site at about 11am today near Pomona, where a large eastern brown snake was nestled in a toolshed.

"The boss walked in the storage container, and there it was," Mr McKenzie said.

"It was in the back corner, sort of curled around a lot of the tools.

"It was a cracking day today, and it was pretty warm in that storage container as well.

"Let the snake season begin!"

It was the first eastern brown Mr McKenzie had encountered after winter.

"Usually I don't see eastern browns for another month or so, that was why I was so excited," he said.

"Usually it's more your carpet pythons, tree snakes, that sort of thing at the back end of winter, then you move into your venomous stuff."

He said the call-out came after an unusually busy week for the time of year.

"That was my fourth call for the day, and I'll probably have more this afternoon."

He would usually average one call-out a day until the end of August.

"Winter is usually one a day, but then as soon as we jump into the next month you're looking at maybe three or four a day," he said.

Mr McKenzie removed the snake, demonstrating on a video posted to The Snake Catcher 24/7 Facebook page how it was much more placid when he kept still.

"I tried to show people that as soon as you stand still and keep still, he wasn't even interested," Mr McKenzie said.

"As soon as I start moving and get in front of him, that's when he sees me as a threat and that's when he sort of reared up with his mouth open."