Shattered Windshield
Shattered Windshield

Smashed letterbox and windscreen end with $1.3k bill

A BOYNE Island man told a court he was in the wrong after damaging property belonging to someone he thought owed him money.

Peter James Phillips pleaded guilty by phone in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Monday to two counts of wilful damage and breach of bail.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Carl Spargo told the court that at about 10pm on March 12, Phillips went to a Boyne Island address where he stood out the front ­aggressively yelling for the occupants to come outside while banging on windows, which sounded like he was smashing them.

The victim and her partner, who were watching through security cameras, said Phillips made threats against their dog and appeared to be holding a knife.

Phillips left before police arrived and found that the victim's car windscreen had been damaged.

Police also observed a letterbox had been smashed in at the front of a residence around the corner from where Phillips lived.

The victim said he knew Phillips through mutual friends.

Phillips told the court he knew what he had done was wrong.

"I don't honestly know what he's going on about a bloody dog," Phillips said.

"I just knew that he owed me some money.

"I went around there when I probably shouldn't have and done that.

"But I don't know anything about a dog, your honour. I wouldn't harm a dog."

Phillips was fined $900 and ­ordered to pay $419 restitution.

No conviction was recorded.