PUDDLE OF PUPPIES: Six-week-old puppies were dumped in a cage by the side of Rous Rd by a heartless person during the thunderstorms which hit Lismore on Monday night.
PUDDLE OF PUPPIES: Six-week-old puppies were dumped in a cage by the side of Rous Rd by a heartless person during the thunderstorms which hit Lismore on Monday night. Melanie Chambers

Six puppies dumped during storm now named and will be adopted

UPDATE: Thursday 11.59am NOW with new names, the six puppies so cruelly in Lismore abandoned during Monday night's storm have all found homes.

Susan Lavis from the Lismore Animal Rights Rescue Group, said not only does it look as though all the pups will find a home, they have also been named.

Ms Lavis said the puppies have been named in honour of the stormy weather in which they were found.

"The four girl pups have been called Stormy, Breeze, Sky and Rain and the boys are Thunder and Lightning," she said. 

"We have a huge list of people who have said they want to adopt  the puppies from the story in todayspaper, which is brilliant."

Ms Lavis said the puppies would be seen by a shortlist of dog-lovers.

"They go in on Monday have their vet work done and then we will have people on the list to view them on Wednesday," she said.

"We have chosen the best of the best people to adopt them."

According to Melanie Chambers who with her husband found the puppies dumped on the side of the road in a cage, er they have been flooded with people wanting to adopt the animals.

Ms Chambers said it was all due to her husband Leon's good eyesight in spotting the cage in the dark and stormy weather.

"Thank goodness he saw them, otherwise I hate to think what could have happened," she said.

"I am so delighted the puppies will all having loving homes."


UPDATE Thursday 9.45am A spokesperson for Animal Rights Rescue Group in Lismore said they have already received calls from people keen to give one of the six abandoned puppies a loving home.

"We have had quite a few calls (and) we are taking a list of names and numbers," the ARRG spokesperson said.

"And we will be contacting people who are best suited to them on Monday after they are vaccinated and microchipped to arrange a viewing."

Thursday 4.00am SIX puppies were discovered shoved into a cage and then dumped by the side of a Northern Rivers road late Monday night.

While most people were snug inside during the thunder and lightning storm which hit the region, a Tregeagle couple driving home found the animals huddled together and crying.

At 11pm Melanie Chambers was driving along Rous Rd with her husband when he spotted the cage on the roadside near the crematorium, after they heard the frightened animals.

"One of the puppies had its leg crushed under the cage and was screaming in pain," Ms Chambers said.


Dumped puppies: Puppies dumped during storm
Dumped puppies: Puppies dumped during storm

"I had to empty them out of the cage put them all in the back seat and because the cage was so big we put it on the roof of the car".


Ms Chambers said it was lucky they had the car windows open during a lull in the storm, otherwise they may not have heard the puppies cries for help.

"The puppies were lovely, so happy to see us and were fast asleep and snuggled up in puddle together on the back seat by the time we got home," she said.

"When we found them they were still dry so they had not been dumped there very long."

Ms Chambers said the love and energetic animals were in good condition and had been well-cared for, so she was at a loss to why they had been so heartlessly abandoned.

"We passed a vehicle going up the road with one headlight on, I think it might have been a ute, but I don't know if they left the puppies there," she said.

"At the moment I am holding onto them for the Animal Rights and Rescue Group on three Chain Road as they are full up, and they have been helping up with dog food."

If anyone is interested in adopting one of the pups, the should contact the Animals Rights Rescue Group on 02 6622 1881.