TREEHOUSE CIDER Granite Belt Cider Company

Warwick company brews deal with craft beer king pin

WARWICK'S own Grove Juice has teamed up with one of the king pins of Australian craft beer.

Byron Bay's Stone and Wood has released Treehouse Cider, a drink made with the Granite Belt's finest apples, and pressed at Grove Juice's Warwick processing facility.

Granite Belt Cider Company is an offshoot of Stone and Wood, and its business manager Sam Martin said the deal seemed an obvious one.

"Stone and Wood had been looking to develop a cider product for a while and noticed that one of Australia's best apple and pear growing regions, didn't have a cider brand that championed the region," Mr Martin said.

"After much research, we got in contact with Grove Juice."

Grove Juice has since signed off on a supply agreement with Stone and Wood.

Grove will be tasked with the important job of pressing 115,000 - 145,000 litres of apple juice for Treehouse Cider.

"Our Treehouse Cider contains an approximate split of 70% red and 30% green apples from the region," Mr Martin said.

"Apples such as royal gala, pink lady, granny smith and red delicious."

The deal is set to be a long-term one.

"Granite Belt Cider Company has recently signed a supply agreement with Grove Juice for the next three years," Mr Martin said.

The Treehouse Cider was released in November last year.

"We have national distribution now," Mr Martin said.

"Most bottle shops in Stanthorpe stock us and our closest tap would be in Toowoomba."

The cider is recommended with pork, soft cheese, spicy food, smoked fish, ciabatta and butter.