TOUGH ROAD: Single mum Lee McGregor with her dog, Darkie.
TOUGH ROAD: Single mum Lee McGregor with her dog, Darkie. Matt Collins

Single mum's health declines after five-year battle for kids

THERE are many single parents who welcome the review into the current family law system.

Wondai resident and single mother of two sons, Lee McGregor agrees the review of the child support system is needed.

However, she said it wasn't always as black and white as others suggested.

Ms McGregor and her ex-husband ended their marriage in 2014 after 25 years together.

"He started with lawyers within a week of the separation," she said.

That process dragged on for close to five years.

The couple have two boys, aged 14 and 16.

Sadly, their eldest, who faces extra challenges due to varying degrees of disability, no longer wants to see his father.

"The eldest boy stopped seeing his dad," Ms McGregor said.

"Kids need both parents in their lives."

Going through family court was an expensive experience for both parents.

But for Ms McGregor, the experience was not just financially damaging, but also mentally wearing.

"It cost him about $350,000 with lawyers and barristers," she said.

"It cost me about $25,000 self representing, but it has cost me in health and with my kids.

"I've been really sick for two years. There is no win."


WOMAN'S BEST FRIEND: Lee McCarthy shares a laugh with her dog, Darkie.
WOMAN'S BEST FRIEND: Lee McGregor shares a laugh with her dog, Darkie. Matt Collins

Ms McGregor shared some sound advice for any recently single parents unsure of the best way to move forward.

"Do not discuss any adult stuff or feelings with the kids," she said.

"It just hurts the kids, they don't have to be involved."

When it came to the legal side, she said it was important to document everything.

"If you have a phone call with them, put it into the minutes and send," she said.

Now that her legal matters are finalised, the single mother only wants the best for her two boys.

"I just want the next two years while they finish school to be joy, she said.

"They need a childhood and they have lost that.

"It's not about mums and it's not about dads.

"You have to listen to what the kids want."