Gympie has a disturbing history of axe-related crimes.
Gympie has a disturbing history of axe-related crimes.

SICKENING: 9 axe-related Gympie crimes

They were violent, frightening and sickening above all else.

The Gympie region has a disturbing history of axe-related crimes. Here's a look back at X times they were allegedly used - or used in threats - in offences heard before the Gympie courts.

1. Gympie region man charged with axe attack on cops, dog

POLICE charged a 29-year-old Dagun man with an alleged serious assault of two male police officers and a police dog using an axe.

Queensland Police Service media reported the man allegedly threw the axe towards a police vehicle, hitting the drivers side, late at night on October 12 last year.


2. 'I'll chop your head off': Vile allegations heard in court

A YOUNG Gympie region man was refused bail after he allegedly choked his victim and threatened to chop her head off with a tomahawk axe.

The 25-year-old appeared in the Gympie Magistrates Court in custody last October to face charges including choking, assault occasioning bodily harm and contravening a domestic violence order.


3. Man 'armed with axe' in street remanded in custody

A man was refused bail in Gympie Magistrates Court after being allegedly caught on CCTV brandishing an axe as he walked in Channon St.


4. 'I'm going to kill you': axe-threat man in court

A MAN who threatened to kill two strangers had also brandished an axe and struck himself, during a "bizarre" episode at a Tin Can Bay caravan park.


5. 'I'll kill you' says man with axe, pitchfork

Extreme violence in a Gympie region household of two brothers led to one of them being jailed when he appeared in Gympie Magistrates Court.


6. No lessons learned for violent repeat offender

THE criminal history of a repeat offender, who had previously committed an axe attack on a young woman, saw proceedings at the Gympie District Court grind to a halt.


7. Off his head and out of control at Inskip Point

AN AXE-WIELDING camper at Inskip Point who bashed a fellow holiday maker escaped jail time yesterday for a violent outburst that terrorised families during the busiest holiday period of the year.


8. Violent attacker jailed for armed home invasion and assault

AN ARMED home invader who terrorised and seriously assaulted a family at a Jones Hill home was sent to prison.


9. Axe-wielding drug addict jailed

A DRUG addict who used an axe to break into a Maryborough coffee shop and a Gympie computer store on the same night was sentenced to two years' jail back in 2014.