The Valley car park August 4, 2015. Photo Mike Richards / The Observer
The Valley car park August 4, 2015. Photo Mike Richards / The Observer Mike Richards GLA040815CARP

Shoppers not happy about Valley car park changes

GLADSTONE council may not be worried about changing the parking situation at The Valley shopping centre, but residents aren't happy.

The council on Tuesday approved an expansion to the Woolworths supermarket at Gladstone Square, bordered by Goondoon, Herbert and Tank Sts.

The expansion will result in five fewer parking spaces, and shoppers will be encouraged to use less known car parks at the back of the centre.

Council's development services manager told council she didn't believe it would be an issue, a view The Observer's readers have taken exception to.

Commenting on our Facebook page, Dianne Prider said this was why people would rather go to Stockland shopping centre than the Valley.

"The council asks how to get more people to go to the main street then does things like this to drive them away," she said.

"Once again, well done Gladstone council."

Paula Molloy wrote: "Ridiculous! Council approves expansion to shopping centre in spite of reduction in car parks in an already overcrowded precinct. GRC, you've done it again."

Margy McArdle said the decision didn't make sense.

"How can you expand a shopping centre without increasing car parks? It's difficult enough to find a park in busy times as it is."

During the meeting on Tuesday councillor Karen Porter said fewer spaces would exacerbate the woes of an already-strained CBD.

Parking was the only issue raised when we asked shoppers about the expansion back in April.

In a poll on our website asking if it was a good idea to have fewer car parks, 78% of respondents said no, while 15% said the expansion sounded good.

Five per cent said they didn't shop there, so it didn't bother them.

There will be fewer car parks at Gladstone Square, otherwise known as The Valley, when the centre's expansion is finished. More here: What do you think?

Posted by The Observer on Tuesday, August 4, 2015