A VIDEO of a man "tinny bashing" at Bucca has gone viral, but it's a dangerous practice police condemn.

The video was shared to the Tinny Bashing Facebook page two months ago and has amassed thousands of hits.

The dangerous practice of tinny bashing involves using ropes and other props to carry out dangerous manouvers in small boats.

The footage was posted online.
The footage was posted online.

The frightening video footage shows a man suspended from the bridge at Bucca being swung violently back and forth and at one stage, one of the ropes snaps.

The man then continues to swing and sway in the tinny.

Meanwhile, two man stand on the bridge, looking at the water below.

Earlier this year, Gold Coast police condemned the practice of tinny bashing after a wave of incidents at the Gold Coast.

Police previously told the Gold Coast Bulletin that so-called tinny rats were driven by a desire for online notoriety, but were putting lives at risk in the process.