John Chardon is accused of murdering his wife Novy.
John Chardon is accused of murdering his wife Novy.

Shock claims in Chardon murder trial

ACCUSED murderer John Chardon allegedly asked a Philippines man he met through a dating site to organise sex with virgins, procure a hitman to shoot the businessman's wife and throw her from a cliff, a court has heard.

The lubricant tycoon is accused of killing his wife Novy Chardon on or about February 6, 2013.

He has pleaded not guilty to her murder in Brisbane Supreme Court.

Novy was last seen on the Gold Coast on February 6, 2013.

She has not used her bank accounts, left the country or seen a doctor since that date but her body has never been found.

Her car was found nearby the Nerang train station on about five days after she went missing.

Today, Marshall Aguilor, who alleged arranged for the businessman to have sex with women in the Philippines, gave evidence he met Chardon after translating emails for a friend who was communicating with him through the website Asian Dating.

Mr Aguilor said during evidence Chardon began sending money to the Philippines for travel costs associated with meeting the woman from the dating site.

Chardon later came to "support" six students in the country and would regularly send money to Mr Aguilor, the court heard.

Mr Aguilor was then required to "check up on the students" for Chardon, the court heard.

The jury later heard Chardon told Mr Aguilor if he helped the students with education and allowances it would be "payback time" when he came to the Philippines.

"He said he doesn't mind about helping, giving them the best that he can give, they (can go to) luxury schools, expensive schools, the best university (and said:) 'But if I'm in the Philippines, I want my favour, I want to have sex with them'," Mr Aguilor told the court.

He later said Chardon asked him to arrange the meetings with the "students" when he visited the Philippines.

"He said: 'They shouldn't be fussy, I want to take them to bed'," Mr Aguilor said Chardon told him.

Chardon also allegedly made other requests of the women.

"Of course, at the time they should really provide him what he request," Mr Aguilor said.

"If possible, (they) should be a virgin."

The court heard in January 2012, Chardon visited the Philippines and asked Mr Aguilor to organise a hit man to kill Novy.

"The word that I can't forget is that at the time he asked me: 'Can you kill?' " Mr Aguilor told the jury.

"I just stayed calm. I asked: 'Who are you going to kill?' And he said... 'My wife'."

Mr Aguilor said he told Chardon he could kill "depending on the situation".

He claimed during evidence the businessman told him if he couldn't do it, to find someone else.

"He said if he can find someone he would pay $US10,000," he said.

Chardon is also alleged to have asked the man to "find a cliff" where there are "less people" and it "wont attract attention".

Chardon is also alleged to have suggested leaving Novy's body in a cave.

"He mentioned the main reason his wife wants to divorce him was because she will be entitled to half of his property and he wanted to get rid of the wife...," Mr Aguilor said.

Chardon allegedly later sent money to the man to buy a gun and a silencer.

The court heard Mr Aguilor did not buy the gun.

The trial continues.