Alina Rae Rossiter was sentenced on Friday.
Alina Rae Rossiter was sentenced on Friday. FACEBOOK

She cashed in gold bullion for crime boss

CASHING in gold bullion and doing other favours for a drug supplier landed a Gympie woman in trouble.

Alina Rae Rossiter was arrested in 2016, pleaded guilty to trafficking ice and marijuana, and was sentenced on Friday.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard Rossiter, 33, cashed gold and accepted bank deposits for a more "sophisticated” supplier.

Justice James Douglas said Rossiter also dealt drugs herself, but at street level.

She also travelled to Mt Isa to supply drugs to another dealer, the court heard.

Despite helping the bigger drug enterprise, there was no evidence Rossiter enjoyed a "lavish lifestyle” from the offending, Justice Douglas said.

She already spent 64 days in custody which was declared as time served.

The judge said Rossiter had complied with "onerous” bail conditions for a long time.

"You have since taken significant steps to deal with your addiction,” Justice Douglas said.

Rossiter's dysfunctional upbringing and previous drug addiction were also taken into account.

Justice Douglas said Rossiter had worked on a "mental health plan” to address her problems.

Rossiter was also sentenced for drug possession and for driving when drugs were present in her system.

She was sentenced to five years jail, suspended.

The suspended sentence will be operational for five years. -NewsRegional