‘Racey’ reality of MAFS star’s nude pic


When it comes to taking a good Instagram photo, Martha Kalifatidis knows what she's talking about.

The Married At First Sight star has more than 288,000 followers after appearing on the hit reality TV show earlier this year and her Instagram profile is serious gram goals.

Last month, Martha shared a photo with MAFS "husband" turned boyfriend Michael Brunelli posing nude.

Taken while they were holiday in Mexico, Martha was on their hotel room balcony cuddling up to a shirtless Michael.


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One year, my dear.

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Despite being out in the open for the photo, the Shopback ambassador told news.com.au she hadn't been worried about being caught in the buff by passers-by.

The key to getting such a shot? It's all about using a self-timer and good lighting.

"No, I'm shameless like that," Martha joked. "Michael was like, 'Babe, you're naked on a balcony and there's people down there', and I'm like, 'It's just a naked body, they've seen it before.' He's like, 'I don't think they've seen it before so come a bit closer.'

The racy shoot had been impromptu while the couple were admiring the beautiful sunset over the Los Cabos hotel they were staying at.

"We just literally were like the sunset was so nice, and we had been tanning and it was just like a nice moment and I thought, why not?" Martha said.



"The whole country watched us meet each other, get married, have fights, be happy. Like why wouldn't we share this? It's our one-year anniversary."

When it comes to getting the perfect shot for Instagram Martha also freely admits that she photoshops her images.

"I do photoshop; I'm not afraid to say that. I feel like every single image that you see in a magazine or anywhere, any iconic photo that you've seen, that you've saved, that you've liked it, it's been edited," she said.

"It's just part of making an aesthetic photo. Who wants to see pores in a photo? I don't."

Martha said she didn't understand why editing pictures was considered such a negative when it was such a widespread practice.



"I just don't know why people think it's shameful to edit and smooth out a photo. Like, everyone does it. I know all my friends do it," she said.

"I've never been someone to say, 'No, that's what I really look like.' Hell, no. I've edited it, yes!"

While she and her MAFS co-stars have been accused of taking Instagram too seriously, Martha says it's a creative outlet.

"I like to have a lot of fun with Instagram," she said. "I feel like I'm really misunderstood when it comes to Instagram and I think that people probably think that I take it really serious and I take myself really seriously but, no, it's just fun. I like to create.

"Making photos and taking photos is fun for me."



Martha is an ambassador for Shopback, an online program and phone app that allows you to shop through e-commerce sites such as Woolworths and The Iconic and earn cashback while doing so.

Shopback has today launched its Cash Globe giveaway, which enables users to win over $40,000 in prizes by using the program.

Martha, who admits she struggles to save money, became sold on using Shopback after her accountant gave it the thumbs-up.

"It got the tick of approval from my accountant who usually hates me so that is really nice," she said. "It's built a little bridge in our relationship."