A man pleaded guilty to four indecent dealings with a person with an impairment of the mind.
A man pleaded guilty to four indecent dealings with a person with an impairment of the mind. Jarred Sferruzzi

Sex predator told his victim 'it will be good'

A CONVICTED sexual predator repeatedly molested and attempted to rape an intellectually impaired young man.

Shane Rodney Marshall, 48, befriended his victim after moving to Mackay in 2017.

Judge Deborah Richards said Marshall chose to exploit the relationship with his vulnerable victim.

And Mackay District Court heard this was not the first time - he had two previous convictions involving children aged 16 and 13.

Yesterday he pleaded guilty to four counts of indecently dealing with a person with an impairment of the mind and attempted rape.

Judge Richards said Marshall had a "tendency to take advantage of people in vulnerable situations to satisfy ... sexual desires".

The court heard Marshall performed oral sex on the young man three times including once after the victim said no to having anal sex between July and November 2017.

During the first act, Marshall and his victim had been drinking heavily, when he put his hand down the young man's pants and touched his penis.

The victim said no but the abuse continued. The victim said "get your hand out of my pants, I'm going now," the court heard.

During the second offence he told the younger man, "no, it will be good" when he tried to refuse.

Crown prosecutor Ben Jackson said the victim was impacted so severely he cut his arm with a knife.

"It affected his sleep and his personal sense of safety," he said.

Barrister Scott McLennan said his client was born in an era where people were hostile towards homosexuals. This led his client to hide his sexuality and feel alienated from his peers.

"My client liked the complainant and considered they were friends," he said.

Mr McLennan said while Marshall knew the victim had a mental impairment, he did not know it was as severe as medical documents suggested.

"What dragged the complainant's scores down was his reading, writing and arithmetic skills, my client was not cognisant of these," Mr McLennan said.

"The fluid reasoning score (of the victim) was much higher ... putting him in the borderline category."

Judge Richards sentenced the 48 year old to four years in prison, with parole eligibility on January 29, 2021.