Former pest controller Clinton Robert Taylor has been convicted of sexually assaulting a teen nanny while on the job.
Former pest controller Clinton Robert Taylor has been convicted of sexually assaulting a teen nanny while on the job.

Sex pest’s vile daytime assault on nanny

A FATHER of four has preyed on a teen nanny in a "reprehensible" sexual assault after entering the home while on the job as a pest controller.

The 32 year old had arrived to spray the Moranbah home where the 18-year-old woman had been working on the morning on January 9 this year.

While there Clinton Robert Taylor opportunistically preyed on the teen. Now he has a jail term hanging over his head.

Mackay District Court heard he first came up behind the teen, grabbed her by the hips and massaged towards her crotch area outside her clothes.

Taylor then rubbed his erect penis against her back before grabbing her breasts, also outside her clothing.

Yesterday, the now 33 year old pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual assault. He was convicted and jailed for six months wholly suspended for nine months.

Judge Julie Dick described the assault as "reprehensible" while comparing Taylor's conduct to similar cases in relation to an appropriate sentence.

The case was initially set down for a trial, but the court heard Taylor has decided to plead guilty at the 11th hour, saving the victim from having to give evidence.

Defence barrister Stephen Byrne, for McKays Solicitors, said his client had "lost his job over the incident.

"He was unemployed for about three months, he had to take out loans to the tune of approximately $20,000 until he was about to secure another job," Mr Byrne said.

"The offending is between strangers, opportunistic.

"The touching was on the outside of the clothing … there is no violence or threats of violence."

The court heard the man's long-term partner of nine years and his father were in court in support.

Taylor's former employer wrote a letter of support, which Mr Byrne said showed he was "clearly held in high regard".

"The offending … would seem to be out of character," Mr Byrne said.

Judge Dick agreed the offending seemed to be an "aberration".

"You've had what we call an extra-curial punishment, one other than what the court can impose, in that you lost your job and you've had to take out loans to pay for that," she said.

"I just see … these as opportunistic crimes."

She found that with Taylor's limited and non-relevant criminal history, plea of guilty and nature of offending a wholly suspended jail term was appropriate.