Rainy weather and possible afternoon storms in the southeast today will be followed by a heatwave set to last through to Tuesday.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Livio Regano said rain was likely and storms were possible in the southeast from this afternoon, with severe storms possible in the Darling Downs.

Aussie weather warning: Hot days 'triple in 20 years'

"Just garden variety storms for the southeast today, possibility severe on the Darling Downs," he said.

"Everyone should probably get at least wet, but whether we get storms is touch and go, the worst ones may not get all of the way to the coast.

"Most likely from this afternoon on."

After stormy weather passes, a north-westerly wind change is set to blast hot air down from northern Queensland and send temperatures skyrocketing.

Temperatures across the state are set to be 5-10 degrees hotter than usual for November, with Brisbane forecast to hit a top of 32C tomorrow and 34C on Tuesday.

Inland, Longreach is set to reach a maximum temperature of 42C on Sunday and Monday.

Temperatures are set to be 5-10C above average across Queensland from Saturday. Picture: Tertius Pickard
Temperatures are set to be 5-10C above average across Queensland from Saturday. Picture: Tertius Pickard

"It's the reverse situation to what we would usually expect because you normally get a build up of heat and then the storms and then the cool change, but that's not what is happening it is quite the opposite," Mr Regano said.

"For the next four days it'll just get really hot.

"The intensity of the heat will depend where you are; the moment you go inland we are going to the high 30s in the Darling Downs, some places in the Central Highlands could get in the 40s over the weekend.

"The coast will definitely get low to mid 30s."

Queensland Ambulance Service has warned parents to be vigilant about children around bodies of water as families may plan to cool down with a swim and to look out for signs of heat stress.

The heat will elevate fire dangers, with the possibility for a fire weather warning in the Darling Downs over the coming days.

"The whole state is going to have elevated fire dangers for this four-day period," Mr Regano said.

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