Seeney takes aim at Green groups

WHILE green groups may have GVK Hancock Coal's Central Queensland mine operations in their crosshairs, acting Premier Jeff Seeney has fired off his own salvo at the campaigners.

Coast and Country Association Queensland, represented by Environmental Defenders Office Queensland, is fighting GVK Hancock in the Queensland Land Court for a second week over its $3.2 billion Alpha coal mine.

The coal mine would be the largest of its kind in Australia, one of 10 proposed developments planned for the Galilee Basin west of Mackay and Rockhampton.

The groups are joined by a handful of landholders concerned the scale of the mine could destroy water supplies on their properties scattered throughout the Galilee.

Coast and Country claims the project should not be given an environmental authority to mine because the coal it exports - when burned overseas - contributes to climate change globally.

As the most advanced Galilee project, the landmark challenge could set a precedent for other companies looking to push on with their own coal projects.

Mr Seeney said the environmental groups involved were part of a strategy to "disrupt and delay" major coal projects.

"Queenslanders should realise that these groups have no concern for them, but are interested only in their ideological goal at ending coal mining, no matter the cost to individuals or communities," he said.

"They operate to strict environmental standards, as will any future mines in the Galilee Basin.

"According to earlier statements from Coast and Country, it "aims to protect Queensland's environment and its natural wonders".

A spokesman for the group was unavailable for comment late on Monday.The Land Court battle is expected to last until October 3.