Seafood stirfry.
Seafood stirfry. Contributed

SEE THE MENU: Bundy restaurant's new Korean dinner range

KOREAN cuisine is a unique experience. Often focusing on chilli, garlic and sesame flavours, it's proving increasingly popular.

James's Place on George St has released a new Korean dinner menu incorporating some of his family favourites.

The local restaurant owner said he wanted to bring something different to the region.

With Covid-19 precautions interrupting their usual operations, Mr Lee said it provided time to ponder a new range of menu offerings.

"People didn't come a lot," he said.

"We closed breakfast temporarily and I had some time to cook Korean cuisine which I really want to cook for my family - proper Korean dishes."

The meals range from honey soy fried chicken for those who prefer a sweeter meal through to spicy seafood stir fry for the daring.

Mr Lee said he also planned on bringing breakfast back to the menu from Monday, August 17, with a $10 brekky bonanza featuring two eggs, Australian bacon, Australian pork sausage, bacon beans, sourdough toast and tomato relish.

Breakfast will run from 7-11.20am Monday to Saturday, with lunch from 10.30am-1.30pm.

Dinner is on the menu from 4.30-9pm Wednesday to Saturday.