Man faces court after attempting to conceal screwdriver from police.
Man faces court after attempting to conceal screwdriver from police. heinteh

Secret weapon in jocks

SLIPPING a screwdriver down your pants during a night out is never a good idea.

But a disability pensioner partying at Cartel nightclub learnt this the hard way.

Dustan Gordon Engel, 49, faced the Mackay Magistrates Court yesterday where he pleaded guilty to being a public nuisance.

Police prosecutor Sheena Gravino said Engel found himself in strife just before midnight on January 18.

He said Engel went to the aid of a friend who was involved in an argument in the club.

After threats were made, Cartel security saw Engel stand beside his friend and "discreetly" pull a screwdriver from his pocket.

"He said to his friend words to the effect of 'I have this if you need it'," Ms Gravino said.

Security approached Engel and escorted him from the club before notifying a police patrol of the incident.

The court heard Engel made efforts to conceal the screwdriver from police but failed.

"When spoken to by police the (accused) was observed attempting to conceal the screwdriver down the front of his pants," she said.

"While speaking to police the screwdriver has fallen out the front of his pants.

"(Engel) was then detained, searched and placed under arrest for public nuisance."

Engel told police he did not know it was in his pocket until he felt it there.

Ms Gravino said despite earlier telling police he would not use the screwdriver as a weapon, he later admitted if the man threatened his friend, he would have protected him.

Representing himself, Engel told Mr Nolan he had turned his life around and that night was simply 'one bad incident' which had gotten out of control.

"You should know better than to behave like this, you have a fairly chequered history across four states," Mr Nolan said. Engel was convicted and fined $250.