An aerial photograph of Paradise Dam.
An aerial photograph of Paradise Dam.

Scope of Paradise Dam emergency response announced

THE Queensland Government has announced the terms of reference of its Paradise Dam flood management review, which begins now.

This is not the review that the government's political opposition has publicly lobbied for, and it will not investigate the problems behind the dam's construction.

What it means is that the Inspector-General Emergency Management provides recommendations to prepare for significant future floods in the Burnett River.

It will use the advice provided in a review of the 2013 flood, which was a 90 page report that had been completed by the NSW Department of Public Works and looked at the experiences from the disaster.

The report also looked at the consequences should the dam structure failed, categorising the dam to mean that more than 100 people were at risk if it did.

Other factors that will be examined in the report is the adequacy of dam owner Sunwater with its forecasting and prediction initiatives, the dam operations and management in preparedness for the cyclone season, and the preparedness of the community and the Local Disaster Management Group.

The Inspector-General Emergency Management will make its recommendations and give them to the Minister for Fire and Emergency Service, Craig Crawford.

A spokesman for Natural Resources Minister Anthony Lynham said the review team will consult with Sunwater, the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, and other relevant state agencies.