$1M Trevor finds fame no bother


HES a cool customer, is Trevor.

Whatever one may think of reality TV stars, and expat Australian TV host Clive James didnt mince his words the other day, Big Brother winner Trevor Butler is unfazed by his new found fame.

Its pretty easy, Trevor said, while signing autographs at a fundraiser yesterday, accompanied by his partner Breea. People say hello they dont want to bother us after that, he said.

Trevor, who hails from Broken Hill, has a big schedule of appearances ahead of him.

Ive come to support the State Emergency Services today, he said. Tomorrow Im at a kids camp, then its Darwin, where Ill be working with Aboriginal kids and members of TV show The Panel for five days.

Then weve got tours in Sydney and Melbourne. Clive James was reported as saying fame shouldnt be handed to reality show contestants, and if you want to be famous, urinate on the shoe of someone who is.

I did that and he hit me! Trevor laughed. In the mens room . . .

Look, people have their own opinions; you get a bit of criticism here and there, Trevor reasoned.

We just put our hands up to have a go like 33,000 others who did.

Trevor isnt much of a Big Brother watcher, it seems. I only watched two shows; but then I watched the fourth series, because I was in it, he laughed.

And whats become of his million dollar win?

Its in the bank, in a term deposit, he said. We cant touch it for about four months, I think.

Well probably take my mum to Fiji, and well buy a house, and keep some for our wedding day.