SAS star names most disappointing celeb


One of the directing staff from Channel 7's SAS Australia has named the celebrity he was most disappointed by on the show.

Mark 'Billy' Billingham is one of the four DS on the show alongside Ant Middleton, Jason 'Foxy' Fox and Ollie Ollerton.

Speaking to, Billingham said that out of the 17 Aussie stars on the show, there was one in particular that he felt let down by.

"The girl who went first, Roxy. Lovely girl, and she had an injury prior to the show, I'll give her that, but she could have gone a lot further, she talked herself out of it," Billingham said.

Roxy Jacenko on SAS Australia. Picture: Nigel Wright
Roxy Jacenko on SAS Australia. Picture: Nigel Wright



After receiving more than 2000 messages from trolls after her early exit from the show, Jacenko hit back on social media and revealed that just six weeks prior to filming she had fractured her hip and pelvis.

Regardless of the injury, Billingham said it was clear she didn't want to be there.

"She hated the course, she hated being shouted at," he told "I think she was a lot physically fitter than what we saw because she didn't really push herself.

"You could tell from her facial expressions within the first couple of hours she was not in a good place, didn't want to be there and she let her mind take control of that," he said.

"I was quite disappointed actually … she could have done a lot better."

Mark 'Billy' Billingham on SAS Australia.
Mark 'Billy' Billingham on SAS Australia.

When asked who he was most impressed by on SAS Australia, Billingham singled out the majority of the other female contestants.

"Most of the women, to be honest," he said. "The women on this one were particularly strong.

"(Former Miss Universe contestant) Erin (McNaught), she's only about four stone wringing wet, but she is just made of steel," he said. "Same as (AFLW player) Sabrina (Frederick), that girl was phenomenal! Her strength, her mentality and how she carried her way through all the tasks.

"The women did really stand up to the plate and do a great job," Billingham said.

SAS Australia has been a hit for Channel 7 so far. The first episode attracted 834,000 viewers in the five capital cities, beating The Block (783,000) and Junior MasterChef Australia (454,000). It also beat both shows again on Tuesday night.

Channel 7 has already confirmed that a second series is on the way, and Billingham offered up some advice to future contestants about how they should prepare for the brutal reality show.

"Get your mental state in order," he told "If you can get comfortable with being uncomfortable, you are three quarters of the way there.

Roxy Jacenko falling out of chopper on SAS Australia.
Roxy Jacenko falling out of chopper on SAS Australia.

"You do have to have a good grounding of fitness in terms of being able to run and carry a bit of weight, but you don't really have to be super fit," he said. "As we state on the show, we're not looking for the fittest, we're looking for the person who gives 100 per cent and who never gives up."



SAS Australia continues on Monday night at 7.30pm on Channel 7

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