Samsung and LG technology recongised for energy-efficiency

SAMSUNG and LG have won national awards for manufacturing the most energy-efficient flat screen televisions available in Australia.

The SEAD awards are presented annually across four regions - Australia, Europe, India and North America - recognising the best standards globally in small, medium and large categories.

Samsung won two awards for its 8 star TVs in the small and medium-size categories.

An energy efficient, 8 star TV costs $21 a year to run compared with a 3 star TV which costs $148 a year.

LG has won an award for its 7 star TV in the large category, which costs $69 a year to run compared with a 2 star TV currently available on the market which costs $250 a year to operate.

Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change Mark Dreyfuss said overall comparisons found the winning TVs used around half the power of similar sized units on the market.

"Households can reduce their bills and energy consumption dramatically with appliances that have a higher star rating," Mr Dreyfus said.

"Consumers are demanding greater energy efficiency. With 2.4 million TVs sold in Australia each year, there is huge competition among manufacturers to make innovative improvements.

"Ten-star TVs are already coming onto the market and energy efficient fridge and computer technology is moving just as fast."

Australia will upgrade the star rating system in April to remove the least efficient TVs from the market, he said. TVs now rated at 4 stars will be re-classified as the new 1 star.

More SEAD (Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment Global Efficiency project) awards covering other consumer electrical items, including computers, are planned for next year.