Riverfeast owner Karen Wittkopp is calling for the council to build a Riverwalk to connect East Bundaberg to Quay St.
Riverfeast owner Karen Wittkopp is calling for the council to build a Riverwalk to connect East Bundaberg to Quay St. Mike Knott BUN130917WALKWAY5

Rumours of a new tavern and the need for a riverwalk

THERE are rumours circulating that Riverfeast is about to expand with a permanent pub at its Scotland St address.

But before this happens, Riverfeast owner Karen Wittkopp would like to see a walkway connecting East Bundaberg to the CBD.

The riverfront site had a three-stage, 10-year development plan approved by Bundaberg Regional Council three years ago.

In the plan, Mrs Wittkopp said stage one consisted of the market which had now been going strong since December 2015.

But she has heard whispers around town with people claiming the tavern was about to "pop up” at any moment and she wanted to set the record straight.

"A lot of the Riverfeast vendors are nervous,” she said.

Read previous story"The relaxed style tavern was approved for development three years ago, but it's not on the cards in the foreseeable future.”

It is expected that rather than stage two replacing stage one, the tavern would exist alongside current weekly entertainment.

But Mrs Wittkopp said before they set their sights on building the relaxed atmosphere of a tavern they'd like to see East Bundaberg reach the city along the river.

She's now calling for the Bundaberg Regional Council to extend the riverwalk along the Burnett River.

"We need a walkway to wrap around the river from East Bundaberg to Rowers on Quay St,” she said.

"This riverwalk will link East Bundaberg to the city by foot.”

The business owner believes East Bundaberg is the place to be.

"We have Riverfeast, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks and Bundaberg Rum all here,” she said.

"With the revitalisation of the CBD it makes sense to connect us by a path along the river.”

A Bundaberg Regional Council spokesman said the council's strategic planning document for pathways and walkways across the region was encased in its Multi Modal Pathway Strategy 2012.

"The pathway east currently crosses Saltwater Creek to East Bundaberg and diverts from Quay St into Kendall St and then runs adjacent to the Kendalls Flat recreation area,” he said.

He said there were no plans to continue the path along Quay St east at this time, but the Multi Modal Pathway Strategy was under regular review.

Mrs Wittkopp said there were seven years remaining for stage two to be completed.

Stage one also saw the addition of a permanent cafe, Hit N Run Barrister, which opened two weeks ago.

The tavern would be stage two and a retail market stage three.

The tavern will be open seven days a week and Mrs Wittkopp hoped the retail precinct would follow shortly after.