Dwaine Jacobs.
Dwaine Jacobs. Mikayla Haupt

Rugby player jailed after partying with his mum

RUGBY player Dwaine Jacobs is behind bars after he stole a woman's handbag and broke a court imposed bail curfew by going out partying with his mum.

Prosecutor Sgt Dean Burgess told Bundaberg Magistrates Court that Jacobs entered a woman's house on May 1 and stole her handbag, mobile phone and tobacco.

Jacobs, 20, was later subject to a court curfew from May 29 not to be absent from home between 7pm and 7am.

However, Sgt Burgess said he was found by officers on patrol just before midnight on June 9, out on a Bundaberg street with a group of people.

He said Jacobs first gave police a false name later saying he had breached curfew by going out to a hotel for his mother's birthday.

Sgt Burgess described him as having many offences and a recidivist offender.

Jacobs pleaded guilty to entering a dwelling and committing an offence by break; having drug utensils on May 5; and breach of bail conditions on June 9.

Sgt Burgess said Jacobs was recorded on a video camera walking up the driveway to the woman's home at 9.30pm carrying a black Adidas bag.

Inside the house Jacobs selected a pouch of tobacco and took the ladies handbag with keys and mobile phone.

Lawyer Gavin James said Jacobs lived with his mother and is an A-grade rugby league player who was now linked-in with Sarina Russo (employment company) to help assist him find work.

"He had been out at the hotel for his mother's birthday,” Mr James said.

"He has had past issues with the use of ice.

"That night (burglary offence) he was drinking and went looking for tobacco.”

Magistrate Belinda Merrin said that for a man aged only 20 Jacobs had a very serious criminal history.

For the most serious offence of burglary Jacobs was sentenced to nine months jail.

A parole release date was set for September 8.