Interest in Wayne Bennett's future shows his power

THE broadside aimed by former Broncos captain Gorden Tallis at Wayne Bennett, calling on the master coach to tell everyone his future plans even if he doesn't know them himself, is further proof of what a powerful figure Bennett is.

As a player, Tallis's role was to rip into the opposition, intimidate them and beat them up with his power and aggression.

Tallis is now behind the microphone and being paid big dollars as an expert comments man for Fox Sports.

His employers get bang for their buck because he is not afraid to say what he thinks, regardless of the target.

Bennett's philosophy on the other hand has always been, unless he has something worth saying, why say anything?

As a journalist, I'd like every coach and every player to answer my telephone calls and answer my questions honestly every day. But I know that won't happen.

Bennett is the hardest coach in the game to get regular interviews with, but he will return calls and texts and speak with journalists he trusts.

As Tallis himself acknowledged, when Bennett talks, everyone listens. Why? Because he has won seven premierships and is the most successful coach of all time.

I don't have an issue with Tallis critising Bennett for not fulfilling his media obligations - I am a fan of Tallis' candidness.

But Bennett dodging media interviews? That's hardly new - he's been doing it since he started coaching Brisbane in 1988, and when Tallis played under him.

And as for the wily coach earning $1.5 million-a-season, good luck to him. it could have been $3 million if that's what Newcastle's former owner Nathan Tinkler thought he was worth.

That's like $200,00 a premiership ... cheap really.