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Rookwood Weir details lacking in budget

TUESDAY'S Federal Budget did not shine much more of a light on the government's commitment to the Rookwood Weir.

In April, the government confirmed it would spend $176 million on the massive water infrastructure project but the level of detail in the budget books was scant.

Normally, the forward estimates would indicate how much the government planned to spend on major projects like this over a four-year project.

But a treasury spokesperson said this was not feasible as the Federal Government had yet to reach an agreement with the Queensland Government before ironing out the final fiscal details.

Meanwhile, Tuesday's budget showed the government's commitment to our region's massive cattle trade show - Beef Australia - had seemed to have dried up.

It had given $3 million to the major event held this month. That money is not showing in the forward estimates beyond this year but the government has committed to spending $1 million on Beef Week in Casino, NSW.

Rockhampton also will benefit from a $793 million budget spend designed to encourage health workers to build their careers in the regions.

The University of Queensland's Rural Clinical School Rockhampton campus will be funded to attract more health students to build their careers outside of metropolitan centres.

In other budget news, older residents in Rockhampton will be encouraged to become entrepreneurs so they can stay in the workforce longer.

The Federal Government will provide funding for new entrepreneurship facilitators across 20 regions in NSW, QLD, WA, SA, Tasmania, Victoria and the NT.

Rockhampton has been earmarked to receive the service.

The small business experts will teach mature age people how to start and maintain sustainable businesses.

The Federal Government has set aside $2.7 million in the 2018-19 financial year for the project.

A further $15 million will fund the program until June 2022.

The government has also committed to continuing the Job Change project that assists mature-age workers to remain in the workforce as retirement and pension ages creep upwards.

The Great Barrier Reef water quality and restoration continues with the budget providing $535.8 million for a program to improve the health of the world's largest living structure.

Through the Reef Trust partnership, $443.8 million will be allocated with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

It will improve water quality, control crown-of-thorn starfish and boost science for reef restoration.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority will receive a $22.3 million boost to expand its compliance and management operations across the World Heritage Area.

The $535 million initiative will be delivered over five years and contributes to the joint Australian and Queensland Government Reef 2050 plan.

It was also announced on Tuesday that body scanners and advanced x-ray equipment will be installed at 64 airports across Australia to increase traveller security.

The Federal Government will spend $50.1 million installing screening facilities at 13 airports without existing infrastructure and upgrade facilities at larger existing airports like Gladstone, Rockhampton, Townsville and Sunshine Coast. - NewsRegional