Ronnie Wood
Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood's stepson says dad was tight with cash

RONNIE Wood's stepson Jamie Wood insists he was "tight" with cash while growing up and claims he used to "hustle" from a young age.

Jamie Wood, who Rolling Stones' guitarist Ronnie brought up as his own after he got together with his ex-wife Jo, claims he used to "hustle" from a young age and sold hash to classmates to make money at school.

He told The Times newspaper: "My old man is tight. I'd say, 'Dad, I'm going out', and he'd give me a tenner. That's why I was always hustling from a young age, so I wouldn't have to ask him for nothing.

"Dad grew up poor ... he understands the value of money, make no mistake. We all had to earn our money. He's not one to say, 'Take my cash', because if he did I'd say, 'F**k this', and go sit on a beach."

Jamie, 39, who is now an art gallery owner and helps to sell his stepfather's famous paintings, admits he used to dabble in drugs but hasn't touched them since he was a teenager.

He said: "Who doesn't do drugs, whether you're a rock 'n' roll family or not? Everyone does drugs these days. I got it all out of the way in five years. I haven't done a drug for 19 years."