GIVE BLOOD: Lifeblood needs a steady of flow of donors each week, particularly in Bundaberg. Photo: File
GIVE BLOOD: Lifeblood needs a steady of flow of donors each week, particularly in Bundaberg. Photo: File

Roll up your sleeves and answer call for lifesaving donation

A whopping 1,800 Queenslanders have answered a state-wide call for an additional 2,500 people to give blood and plasma to prevent a potential shortage.

But with cancellations increasing nationwide by 5,000 over the past three months, Lifeblood is urging more Australians to roll up their sleeves and join those who have already responded to the call.

Bundaberg is one of six Queensland locations that particularly needs extra donors to fill blood and plasma donation appointments over the next week and beyond to help boost the nation's blood stocks.

Lifeblood issued the call last week and says the response has been overwhelming, with new and existing blood donors answering the call nationwide, and 65% of the appointments now filled.

Lifeblood spokeswoman Belinda Smetioukh thanked everyone who had already booked in this but said a steady flow of donors was still needed each day, particularly in Bundaberg.

"This week Bundaberg is still 80 appointments short of what it needs to ensure there are enough supplies for patients in need, and over 100 appointments short next week," she said.

31,000 donations are needed every week across Australia to help patients in times of trauma, major surgery, cancer treatment, pregnancy and a host of other situations.

"We want to thank everyone who's continued to step up and donate during this pandemic. However, the reality is the need for blood and blood products never stops so we urge all eligible Australians to make blood or plasma donation part of their 'new normal'."

"Lifeblood donor centres are safe to visit, with strict social distancing, cleaning and donor eligibility measures in place. Only healthy people are eligible to give blood and we have introduced even more stringent wellness checks prior to appointments, including temperature checking," she said.

To make an appointment to give blood or plasma at Bundaberg Donor Centre, call 13 14 95, visit, call 13 14 95 or download the Donate Blood app.