Police body-worn camera captures sickening sexual attack

EVEN as police yelled at a man as he attempted to rape a woman, he didn't stop.

Body worn footage from a police officer attending a Rockhampton home showed how officers approached the unit and saw Michael Geoffrey Urquhart through a window attempting to rape the woman who was stomach down on the ground.

They shouted at him to open the door and stop his assault but they attempted to kick down the door as he ignored their directions.

Urquhart, 56, pleaded guilty to one count of attempted rape and 29 summary charges in the Rockhampton District Court on Friday.

Crown prosecutor Joshua Phillips said police had been called to the unit by neighbours who heard the woman's screams.

The court heard Urquhart locked the victim inside his unit before the attack and they had moved out the back for a short time before Urquhart became violent.

His attack started by dragging the victim from the backyard and punching and kicking her.

He then threw a cask of wine at her, but missed.

Urquhart then grabbed a knife from the kitchen which left cut marks on her hands when she went to put her arms up in self-defence.

Then he grabbed a stick to hit her with. She grabbed a chair to defend herself with.

After that, Urquhart knocked the victim to the ground and attempted to rape her.

As police arrive and yelled at him to stop he shouted back "I haven't got anything on," the court could hear from the recording.

Later, he was belligerent and difficult while officers tried to place in the back of a police car.

"It is serious and concerning offending," Judge Michael Burnett said.

"There is an element of terror with the isolation (locking her in the unit)."

The 29 summary offences included common assault, obstruct police, assault police, contravene police direction and over 20 breaches of bail.

The court heard he had been picked up in Mt Isa after breaching bail for this offence and remanded in custody until his sentence.

The court also heard that Urquhart had been sentenced in 2001 for indecent treatment of a child.

Judge Burnett sentenced Urquhart to seven and a half years in prison for the attempted rape and various other sentences for the summary charges. Urquhart is eligible for parole on September 10, 2019.