'Ripple effect': Car crash victim turns to covert trade

A BRUTAL car crash triggered a young man's destructive downward spiral.

First came the trauma and facial injuries passenger Johnathan Ben Pirviris received.

Then the drug use.

And then, a decision to start dealing.

The Grantham man was sentenced on Monday for drug offences including trafficking.

Pirviris sold marijuana and roughly 50 ecstasy tablets a week during a four-month illegal stint.

Now 26, Pirviris was an outstanding sportsman in school, defence counsel Steve Kissick told Brisbane Supreme Court.

But he was a passenger in an ill-fated car, receiving punctured lungs and head injuries in a crash.

After weeks in intensive care, the Lockyer Valley man lost a job and became socially withdrawn, turning to drugs.

But since his arrest in January last year, Pirviris quit drugs "cold turkey" and held down legitimate work, Mr Kissick said.

Pirviris's mother provided a supportive reference, as did his employer.

Mr Kissick said the boss was "well aware" of Piriviris's court appearance.

Pirviris knew he'd been wrong to ignore "social responsibilities" by selling drugs, Mr Kissick said.

He made about $3450 profit selling ecstasy.

But the defence counsel added: "He wasn't creating a market. He wasn't expanding a market".

Mr Kissick asked for an immediate parole release.

The Crown accepted Pirviris was sharing methylamphetamine, known as ice, with friends.

He had no major or relevant criminal history.

But prosecutors said Pirviris sold ecstasy and marijuana for profit.

"There is nothing that this court likes less than seeing young men in your position facing time in custody," Justice Helen Bowskill told Pirviris.

But the judge said Pirviris made the decision to sell drugs.

She said dealers put themselves and others at risk, creating a "never-ending ripple effect" impacting family, friends and the community.

Justice Bowskill said she saw no way to hand down a sentence without jail time.

Pirviris got two and a half years' jail but will be released on parole on October 24. -NewsRegional