BAD BEHAVIOUR: Unsurprisingly, the top three ranking schools are also among of the largest schools in the region.
BAD BEHAVIOUR: Unsurprisingly, the top three ranking schools are also among of the largest schools in the region. dima_sidelnikov

REVEALED: Which schools made the naughty list this year

THE naughtiest state school students in the Bundaberg region have been exposed with disciplinary report cards revealing who got an F for behaviour.

As students settle in for the holidays, new data on the region's state schools has revealed just how many days students were absent for disciplinary reasons this year.

There were 3598 days missed in total by misbehaving students around the region, a figure which corresponds to about 18 students absent each day in the school period.

Sourced from the Department of Education, the disciplinary absentee data counts the total days students have stayed home this year as a result of short or long suspensions, as well as recommendations for expulsion.

Unsurprisingly, the top three ranking schools are also among of the largest schools in the region. Those larger schools had hundreds of absentee days for discipline this year.

At Bundaberg State High School, which topped the list for disciplinary absent days, the equivalent of five to six students in its enrolment of 1457 were out of the classroom every school day.

Also in the top five were Kepnock State High School, Bundaberg North State High School and Rosedale State School, which is a Prep-Year 12 school. The next highest was Gin Gin State High.

At the other end of the spectrum, there were no discipline absences at Avondale, Booyal Central, Givelda, Gooburrum, Goodwood, Kolan South, Maroondan, McIllwraith, Mount Petty, Sharon and Winfield state schools.

In April, a department spokesman told the NewsMail it was important to remember there were big differences in the enrolments at schools across the region.

"It is important to note that the reported figures for School Disciplinary Absences (SDAs) represent the number of incidents of SDAs, not the number of students receiving an SDA," he said.

"Where behaviour does not meet expectations, principals take appropriate action, which may include implementing an SDA where necessary.

"Students who require extra assistance are also identified to ensure they receive the support they need."


The top 5 schools with the most disciplinary days:

Bundaberg State High School: 1107

Kepnock State High School: 704

Bundaberg North State High School: 418

Isis District State High School: 342

Rosedale State School: 153

How the rest of the region's state schools fared:

Alloway State School: 14

Avoca State School: 52

Avondale State School: 0

Bargara State School: 34

Booyal Central State School: 0

Branyan Road State School: 3

Bullyard State School: 4

Bundaberg Central State School: 18

Bundaberg East State School: 13

Bundaberg North State School: 39

Bundaberg South State School: 4

Bundaberg Special School: 31

Bundaberg West State School: 43

Burnett Heads State School: 2

Childers State School: 20

Cordalba State School: 17

Elliott Heads State School: 4

Gin Gin State High School: 138

Gin Gin State School: 70

Givelda State School: 0

Gooburrum State School: 0

Goodwood State School: 0

Kalkie State School: 42

Kolan South State School: 0

Lowmead State School: 2

Maroondan State School: 0

McIlwraith State School: 0

Moore Park State School: 52

Mount Perry State School: 0

Norville State School: 67

Oakwood State School: 11

Sharon State School: 0

Thabeban State School: 119

Walkervale State School: 67

Wallaville State School: 7

Woongarra State School: 1