Reunited States of America: Hopes new President can unify country

With the USA Presidential Elections done and dusted, one can take the time to see what it was all about.

It would appear to an non American that the entire primary campaign was about which party could perform the best in the eradication of the dreaded covid 19 disease.

The answer to that question was pushed to the campaigning forefront particularly by the Democrats.

I would have thought that whilst that is an important issue, the real situation of an election should be about ongoing performance and achievements.

This area is where the incumbent President's record is outstanding, with the fact that he did not introduce the American people to another war at the forefront of many achievements in his "Make America Great again" policies.

There are too many achievements to address in this letter.

Sure he annoyed many people with his social media rubbish, this turned out to be his Achilles Heel and is an area that really needs to be jettisoned in the future.

In comparison the Democrats achievements were to conduct a media hate campaign that lasted four years reaching it's crescendo with the stupid impeachment allegations.

The voters were subjected to a campaign that had no foundation except for the Democrat's hatred of the Republicans.

One can look back with a magnifying glass and not find any policies anywhere.

So obviously the Democrats wanted to draw the campaign away from policy and achievements so hit on making it about covid 19.

It is obvious that sooner or later a successful vaccine would be made available.

The timing of the vaccines release was a very important part of the election process so what happened.

Two days after the Democrats won the election the worlds largest pharmaceutical research company Pfizer announces that they have a breakthrough vaccine that has a 90% success rate with the results taken from 40,000 donors.

Was the timing of the information purely co-incidental?

Who knows, but one thing is for sure it did not favour the Republicans as was proved in the final results.

What it does show is that the losers need to upgrade their game plans in the future and that is for sure.

One would hope that the Democrat President can and will reunite his country as that is of paramount importance if America wants to lead the free world.

Converting 71 million people is a mighty task so GO JOE GO.

Robert Henderson, Sharon