MORE TIME: Extension to Woodgate approval sought.
MORE TIME: Extension to Woodgate approval sought. Contributed

Request to extend DA sought on key development

THE developers behind an approved nine-unit, cafe and shop project at Woodgate have asked for an extension to the development application, as the project finally moves forward after 10 years.

Developers RML Group are seeking another two year extension for the site at 152 Esplanade, which ended on Saturday.

Initially approved in 2007, RML Group also sought to remove the units' roof top terraces and minor facade changes.

"Whilst RML Group have been attempting to move Stage 2 (Units 1-9) of the project forward for the past 12 months, they have been forced to consider undertaking some changes to ... which were inhibiting progression of the development and potential builders' engagement in the project,” the request stated.

"It is noted that the Stage 1 (including the road infrastructure and café) development process has commenced with delivery of all sub-service infrastructure complete.”