SPANISH energy giant lodges reports with Gladstone council.
SPANISH energy giant lodges reports with Gladstone council.

Reports lodged for $500m Aldoga solar farm

SPANISH energy giant Acciona has lodged 17 reports with Gladstone Regional Council in a bid to progress its proposed $500 million solar farm.

The project, within the Gladstone State Development Area, would turn 707 hectares of grazing land into a solar farm with one million panels.

In April the company signed a 30-year lease with the State Government to build on the land and in August it lodged documents with the Federal Government Department of Environment and Energy.

Last week it lodged 17 reports, some documenting impacts on traffic, flora and fauna and the development approach, to the council in a bid to see the project progress.

The company has applied for a material change of use for a renewable energy facility.

The project is the result of a State Government initiative aimed at using state-owned land that has been vacant for a substantial period of time.

One report said the farm would generate up to 270MW a year which would be pumped into the national electricity market by an overhead transmission line to the nearby Powerlink Larcom Creek Terminal Station.

A letter from the Co-ordinator General's office to Gladstone Regional Council's manager of development services, said the council had been nominated as a referral entity for the SDA application, given its interests which may be affected by the project.

It said the council had until December 18 to respond to the information and request other information.

Itis estimated construction will start about October next year and will take until November 2020.

It is estimated the project will create 240 construction jobs and 10 ongoing jobs.