RENTAL CRISIS: ‘The house contained asbestos’

When Carina first started renting in the Clarence Valley almost two decades ago, it was "extremely easy" to secure a new place.

"Now, it's near impossible," she said.

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Currently facing a 90-day eviction notice without explanation, Carina said renters have few rights when demand outstrips supply.

"I've been told before by a real estate when just asking if we could exercise our right to notice prior to the owner turning up, the reply was 'you won't stop owners around here doing what they want'," she said.

"We asked to go month-to-month as we are looking at buying. The real estate said no problem, but the owner gave us 90 days (to move out) with no reason given."

In a previous rental, Carina lived in shocking conditions.

"There was a sink hole under our laundry and movement, old plastered holes falling out which we replastered at our expense," she said.

"The house contained asbestos so now I have six-monthly tests for asbestos."

Carina said that after numerous complaints to the real estate, they eventually "sacked themselves due to the owners not wanting to comply".

Hoping for a fresh start with new landlords once the property was later sold, Carina was instead evicted without cause.

Now she faces the same uphill battle to find accommodation.

"I've applied for six places … We are very lucky to have excellent incomes, so don't have the stress of price range," she said.

"But we are very limited to who we rent through," she said.