ANOTHER driver has had a ghostly experience along Gladstone Benaraby Rd, following a sighting in March in which police were called.

A woman posted on a number of Facebook pages, saying she had been driving from Tannum Sands to Gladstone in the morning when something frightening happened.

"On the corner just before boat ramp I saw a woman, dark hair, white shirt, black bottoms on side of road," she wrote.

She said the woman later appeared in her car. 

Bundaberg readers also shared their eerie ecounters on Facebook after reading the woman's story. 

Lisa Macleod said she was driving to Brisbane about two years ago when she saw something strange. 

"My husband and I saw something on the way to Brisbane around two years ago, about 10pm the other side of Gin Gin," she said.

"There was an oncoming truck, a man appeared in the middle of the road, looked at us then he was on the side of the road looking into the bush. 

"He had Stubby shorts, a flanno shirt, thongs dark hair and a moustache."

Ms Macleod said it was then that the man vanished into thin air. 

"There were no cars on the side of the road, no houses," she said.

"We both seen him, we both got shivers when we passed him and looked back he was gone."

Yet another chilling account of a ghost on Gladstone Benaraby Rd, this time involving an apparition in a woman's car: Have you ever had a ghostly encounter on this road?

Posted by NewsMail on Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Dell Holdings remembered seeing an old fashioned man on a lonely NSW road. 

"I had one in my 20s in NSW... the back road from Nowra, a ghostly figure was walking on the side of the road in a 1930s pin stripe suit with a paper under his arm and a hat on," she said.

"When we got closer the headlights shone through him, he was transparent.

"Me and my friend in the car just shuddered and said 'did you see that man?'."

She said the man disappeared.

"We both agreed and went quiet as he was not in the rear view mirror, he had just disappeared," she said. 

Others said they had been followed by a mysterious motorcycle light on the Bundaberg Ring Road, which seemed to follow them for some time before disappearing.