Local farmer Brian Courtice is at the mercy of the weather.
Photo: Max Fleet wet2304b
Local farmer Brian Courtice is at the mercy of the weather. Photo: Max Fleet wet2304b

Readers respond to ex-Labor MP's cashless card support

FORMER Labor Member for Hinkler Brian Courtice has expressed his support for Keith Pitt's Cashless Debit Card idea.

Mary Walsh Thank God we now have a better social welfare system for the children, but it is taxpayer funds and it should only be used for basics, not the extras. Yes more jobs will help, but that won't happen in a hurry and there is a growing expectation mentality. It is fast becoming a culture in our nation with second and third generation impacts. Get over the party politics. Brian, Keith and Leanne are all correct and committed to our region. Trial the card, build some more job creating capacity - at least we are doing something - other than bemoaning the statistics of welfare, obesity, unemployment and under-employment.

Phill Louis Has anyone got actual written proof of these hundreds of starving children in Bundaberg or is it just another ploy from Pitt to drag this card into Bundaberg?

Monica Smejsa Pretty sure that the schools are under obligation to report any incidences of suspected child abuse, surely not feeding your kids would be in this category? A job for the Child Safety Department, not Indue.

Megan Ennis When there are so many ways to identify those people who are not doing the right thing, then why try to blanket pretty much every one on welfare? As usual there's an ulterier motive, ie the politicians and big wigs investing in this scheme. The saddest part is the lower to middle class workers are going to foot the bill and are quite happy about it thanks to media outlets like this one perpetrating the myth that all their tax funds welfare. No jobs equates to more drug and alcohol issues. The card won't help anyone, job creation will, so what's the government doing about that?

Noelene Polzin The mayor of Ceduna has come out and has said it has made a positive change to his area. He has invited doubtful politicians down to see for themselves. I say do not knock it until it is tried as there are many knockers out there that may change their minds after implementation. He stated if you do not do drugs, gamble or buy too much grog it will not affect you. A small amount of cash is available for grog and a flutter or other things.