Readers say they’d like to see banks overlooking house deposits and a better affordability for basic living expenses.
Readers say they’d like to see banks overlooking house deposits and a better affordability for basic living expenses.

Readers give their thoughts on solving the housing crisis

LOCALS have shared their thoughts on the solution to housing difficulties in the Hinkler region.

Last week, a report was released revealing realtors have been receiving up to 40 applications per rental property, as a highly competitive rental market, low employment and high welfare dependency in the Wide Bay creates the perfect melting pot for a housing nightmare.

The Hinkler electorate, which incorporates Bundaberg, Hervey Bay and Childers, has the third highest rate of social housing need and homelessness in Queensland and the eighth highest in the nation.

That's according to data released by national housing and homelessness campaign, Everybody's Home.

The data shows regional Queensland has seven of the 20 worst federal electorates in the country for social housing need and homelessness.

The NewsMail's Facebook community shared their thoughts on what they see as potential solutions.

Many said that if a renter could show they had paid rent, that the borrowing history should be enough to prove they could make house repayments.

"I agree if you can show a stable payment of rent over at least two years is more relevant than a savings history, because those that can and do pay their rent without any issues may not be able to save but can pay their bills when due," Didi Maullin said.

Jenny Addicoat also agreed it was too hard to save what many banks wanted for a deposit.

"Stop banks from deciding someone needs to have 40 per cent deposit before they can buy a house in some areas," she said.

"Houses need to be more affordable.

"Stop international parties from buying and building the houses."

Adrienne Symons agreed.

"Get the banks to change their mortgage criteria where people need to show a savings history when a declaration of paying rent in time for more than two years should be enough," she said.

"When those people can then buy a house it frees up rentals for others at the beginning of the chain.

"We all know that savings are a joke nowadays and this stupid criteria is holding up the process."

Trevor Duffin levelled blame at various governments.

"The housing crisis is a symptom of poor economic policy from both sides of government," he said.

"Both LNP and ALP have sold out many previously government-owned services.

"There should never be only non-government owned options for essential services such as water, electricity, banking, fuel etc.

"All of these that have been privatised have resulted in poorer outcomes for consumers."

Mr Duffin said the cost of living needed to come down to help ease the financial strain many face in the region.

"If you lower the price of fuel, electricity and banking, that will ease financial burden on residents and businesses alike," he said.

"Solutions that only target symptoms are not solutions but merely move the problem elsewhere.

"Take wages for example - increasing wages sounds like a great idea at first.

"But increasing wages increases the cost of doing business which means prices will need to increase to compensate. So now we are back at square one."

Harley Kay called for more public housing to be made available.

"I've been applying like crazy for houses for seven months, over 40 in total, excellent references, never skipped a beat in rent and been in my current house for six years.

"Only two applications bothered calling my references and five have been pulled from the market."

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