Should cyclist be forced to carry identification?
Should cyclist be forced to carry identification?

READERS DISCUSS: Should cyclists have a licence?

HUNDREDS of Daily readers have labelled suggestions cyclists should carry a licence to ride on the roads as "idiotic".

The unspoken battle on our roads between cyclists and motorists has reared its head again. 

New South Wales Roads Minister Duncan Gay raised compulsory identification for bike riders at a roundtable conference on cycling safety in Sydney this week.


Mr Gay has said he was "increasingly persuaded" NSW needed to introduce a licensing system for all cyclists over the age of 18 - an unprecedented move anywhere in the world.

A softer approach requiring riders to carry existing photo ID such as an 18-plus card or a driver's licence was also discussed.

Some bike groups have lashed out at the suggestion for doing nothing to improve their safety.

So too have Daily readers. 

More than 1200 people voted in our online poll, with 54% of respondents saying no, they did not think cyclists should be forced to carry identification. 

Another 35% supported the idea, saying it would ensure cyclist keep in line with the road rules and be penalised just like motorists. 


Yes or no: do cyclists need licences? The call for mandatory licences for all cyclists over the age of 18 is once again on the table in NSW: Should Queensland follow suit?

Posted by Sunshine Coast Daily on Thursday, 16 July 2015


Here's a snapshot of your conversation on our Facebook page:

James Mcculloch: Yes and a sound knowledge of the road rules and a cycle safety course should be mandatory.

Gregory Hudson: Next we will set an age limit, a training course and a testing regime, governments cannot help themselves. Talk about a "nanny state", forget the whole idea as a politicians stupid idea.

Matt Rhodes: They need to beat it off the roads go riding around a velodrome that's what they're for.

Ash Toni Gibson: Yes, they should pay a rego that pays for bike lanes, a licence so that they understand 100% the rules of riding on the roads. They should have rego plates in case they cause an accident. If they want to use the road then they can be made to follow the same rules car drivers face.

Nicole Turnbull:  So how come we have boating licences and fishing licences but no licences for cyclists who are sharing the road with cars, trucks and motorcycles? The impact of having anyone on the road who doesn't know basic road rules is dangerous. The impact of someone fishing without a licence impacts no one, yet it's accepted and enforced.

Justin Schroder: If you are on the road then yes everyone should have a licence, even cyclists.

Gary Hart: So having a bike licence will stop road rage with cyclists? I don't think so .

Samantha Small: Council should put something between the bike lane and the actual road, like a small barrier or something, anything to stop them from riding on the line or as close to the road as possible instead of using common sense and keeping away.

Peter Fletcher: Anyone who thinks cyclists should have licences and/or pay rego is grossly in need of some basic education and has not the faintest idea of the differences between freedom and oppression.

Kerry Thomson: Ridiculous! So all the children who ride bikes to school and the younger ones who go out riding with their parents should get licences too? Somehow don't think that's going to work!

Scott Attard: How about building proper bike infrastructure and promoting healthy lifestyle instead of taxing Australians on every level.

Greg Brereton: Yes, all bike riders definitely should have licences. Riding two, three and sometimes four abreast is not uncommon on main roads. The arrogance some of them show for road rules is amazing.